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Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

- Receivership Balance Sheet Summary
Fund Code:
Failure Date:

For Period Ending
(in $000's)
Assets Current Balance
Cash and Investments
Due from FDIC Corp and Receivables
Assets in Liquidation
Estimated Loss on Assets in Liquidation (1)
Total Assets
Liabilities Current Balance
Administrative Liabilities
FDIC Subrogated Deposit Claim         
Uninsured Deposit Claims
Other Claimant Liabilities
Unproven Claims
Total Liabilities (2)
Net Worth (Deficit)
Total Liabilities and Net Worth

Claims Detail Summary

Proven Deposit Claims Claim Balance %
FDIC Subrogated Claim
Uninsured Depositors
SubTotal - Proven Deposit Claims
Less: Dividends Paid to Date
Total Unpaid Deposit Claims
Other Claimants Claim Balance %
General Creditor
Senior Debt Holders
Subordinated Debt Holders
SubTotal - Other Claimants
Less: Dividends Paid to Date
Total Unpaid Other Claimants

(1) The (1) Valuation of Assets/Loss Allowances: Assets of the receivership are shown at values representing cash on deposit or the book value of amounts invested; the principal balance of loans, notes, other debt instruments or receivables (note that interest on these assets is not accrued after failure but is recognized when received); the foreclosed value of real and/or personal property or the book value of assets (cost less depreciation or amortization through date of the institution’s failure); and the historical cost of the net investment in subsidiaries, partnerships or joint ventures, adjusted where appropriate to reflect the receivership’s portion of the underlying net earnings or losses. An Estimated Loss on Assets is provided when anticipated future asset disposition proceeds, including associated expenses, are less than recorded amounts. Future asset disposition proceeds are generally estimated by determining, via sampling or recent disposition activity, the recovery rates for similar assets across all receiverships. However, actual recovery rates for this receivership may differ according to the quality and type of individual asset, as well as over time with changing market conditions. Accordingly, the gains or losses ultimately realized for this receivership will likely vary from amounts estimated.

(2) The Total Liabilities line item reflects those actual and accrued liabilities recorded on the accounting records of this receivership as of the date of this report. The Total Liabilities line item may not include other liabilities arising from Estimated Interest on Claims and Income Taxes, as these liabilities may not be recognized as of the report date, in accordance with current receivership accounting practices.

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Last Updated: 11/21/2016